Design Wedding Romance Holiday


“The DIY Wedding: Celebrate Your Day Your Way” is a book written by Kelly Bare in 2007. It’s one of the books you’ll love for your entire life. It has tons of ideas that will make you realize that you don’t need to pay expensive coordinators and caterers to organize your wedding.


This book has comprehensive details about how you can pull off a wedding that you actually love and a wedding that you prepared. It’s all you need when it comes to preparing the ceremony, the food, flowers, invitations, and a whole lot more.

The book makes it easy to spend less money and create something original and meaningful for your most awaited event.

Design Wedding Romance Holiday

It also provides budgeting tips, contract templates, inspiring ideas, and DIY projects that will make planning easy and exciting for you instead of being a burden.

You’ll even be encouraged to make your own wedding backdrops! You may need a lot of handyman tools to help you begin and finish the project, but it’ll all be worth it.



Still wondering why you should do it yourself? The answers are simple. First, you can spend less on people—coordinators, flower arrangers, and caterers. Second, doing it yourself makes your wedding day more meaningful. You can finish projects with your whole family and your future family (or with your future husband alone) and use that time to get to know and bond with one another. Third, DIY projects aren’t burdensome as they may sound. These days, there are tons of wedding ideas that can become a reality thanks to the numerous tools available on the market. These tools will make any DIY project faster to finish and look more professional. Lastly, DIY projects are fun. They fire up your creative side, challenge you to think outside the box, analyze the situation, and be more resourceful. DIY projects make you more active in the preparation of your wedding, making your wedding something more exhilarating to look forward to.