New York Public Library

People who are lucky to have access to a good library will find plenty of good reasons to fall in love with it. And here are just some of them.

1. All the free books and literary works you can read
There are not many places that give you free access to a vast repository of knowledge. Imagine not having to spend on books that you can easily borrow from the library.

2. A quiet space to read or go on a digital diet
There is something about a good library that makes it a soothing place for some quiet reading or simply to make the most of its tranquil atmosphere. You can even choose to go on a digital diet while in it.

3. A place to meet old and new friends
Libraries are among the best places to meet familiar faces and new friends who may share the same interests. From librarians to bookworms from near and far and everything in between, libraries are gathering places for some of the most fascinating people you will meet.

4. Provides constant learning and discoveries
With so many books, journals, and other literary pieces to choose from, a library is a treasure trove of information and knowledge. Every visit offers something new to discover and learn which makes it one of the least boring places to be especially for the curious-minded.

5. A creative space where ideas and inspirations are born
A good library houses a wide array of works that fuel imagination, inspire, educate, and develop a greater appreciation of learning. Whether you are looking for specific information or browsing around for leisure, being in the library can spark creative inspirations.

6. Pick up a new skill
A library offers plenty of opportunities to learn a new skill. You can find step-by-step guides on a specific skill or hobby like origami. Or you can sign up for one of the classes or demonstrations in a library near you.

7. A place to get some work done with minimal distractions
A library is a great place to get some work done with minimal distractions. You can take advantage of the peace and quiet to focus more on the work you need to do.